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Automate Your Way to Financial Freedom

EVER FELT THAT PANG OF REGRET FOR MISSING A TRADE BECAUSE LIFE GOT IN THE WAY? We’ve been there, and we get it. That’s why we’ve built a platform that takes the 'when' out of your trading equation.

With our state-of-the-art automation features, you can set, forget, and still make intelligent trading decisions.


With 20+ years of historical data at your fingertips, you can backtest your strategies and navigate market volatility like a pro.

We’ve got your back, and your front, and all the angles in between!

We were just like you before we built QUANTL . TRUST US .

In a city buzzing with Wall Street dreams, our founder was the go-to tech whiz for a circle of traders. These were no armchair analysts; they were data-driven dynamos missing just one thing—time. Markets don’t wait, and neither could they. So, what did our founder do? He coded his way out of the problem.

Enter Quantl, an API so slick it took “time” out of the equation . Born as a side project, this API started doing the heavy lifting, letting traders focus on strategy and automate the tedious tasks that were eating into precious trading time. And guess what? It didn’t just make life easier; it flipped the script on trading. It transformed trading from a race against time to a strategic game of numbers.

The Timeline . . .

Year 1

The Birth of the API

Year 2

First Successful Trade Automation

Year 3

Realization of Commercial Potential

Year 4

The Launch of Quantl Platform

Year 5

Expansion to Multi-Broker Integration

Year 6

Introduction of Machine Learning Capabilities




Build in browser based IDE, subscribe to NYSE, FTSE, NSE, and multiple data feeds, access advanced statistical models to research on dedicated nodes.

Trade Execution

Deploy your trading strategy on live architecture with 7 brokerage platforms (for crypto & equities).


Backtest your created strategy or choose from library of ML backed strategies. With data as old as 20years, test via API or cloud hosted dedicated node.

From the Founders

The Brains behind The Brawns

Mr. Shamaz Khan

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

“Imagine coding up a strategy at 2 a.m., deploying it, and waking up to profits. That was my life, and it was good. But then I thought, 'Why not make it great?’ So, I took my personal API, fine-tuned it, and voila! Quantl was born.

It’s not just an API anymore; it’s a full-fledged trading ecosystem that learns, adapts, and most importantly, earns. This is my brainchild, my passion project, and now, it’s your trading powerhouse.”

Mr. Madhur Kakar

Managing Partner

“Trading is a game of numbers, but it’s also a game of nerves. When I first saw what Quantl could do, I knew it was a game-changer. It’s not just about automating trades; it’s about empowering traders to make wiser, faster decisions. So, I invested my trust in a platform that’s set to redefine trading.

Welcome to Quantl, where your trading strategy gets the wings it deserves.”

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